AGS International, inc. is a design and development house specialized in
collaborative document creation based on Microsoft's Office SharePoint
Server 2007 (MOSS '07). 

We have developed a coherent line of MOSS '07 webparts that allow
organizations to create documents and document templates with a full set of
document management features.  This tool box includes approval workflows
plus drag-and-drop tools for company standard clauses and texts.  Our
solutions also allow for remote users to access these document templates and
complete them by entering text into specific fields using their Microsoft
Word or our very own web-interface.

All tools are available individually for solutions in the fields of
invoicing, work-orders, product design, collaborative authoring and any
other business application that relies on the creation and completion of
template forms.  To complement our solutions we have tools that make finding
the right document or template easier, by graphically displaying them in a
folder/sub-folder/document hierarchy within MOSS '07.

ShareContract is a collection of these tools, that we have assembled to
demonstrate how these individual modules can work together to create an
end-to-end line of business application for full multi-departmental
collaboration in the creation, editing, re-using and re-purposing of a host
of legal documents such as supplier contracts, leases and human capital

AGS has made a strong commitment to MOSS '07 Because it provides a powerful
and low cost framework for all aspects of document management, is coherent
with a host of other Microsoft Technologies for which virtually all
corporate Information Technology groups already have accrued knowledge and
experience.  Another Hallmark of MOSS '07 solutions is rapid user adoption.